Hi! I'm Nathaniel.


Welcome! I'm glad you stopped by.

I graduated from UC San Diego with a B.S. in Human Computer Interaction and a minor in Computer Science in 2020. I'm currently with IBM as a full time UX Designer but am always open to casual chats about anything!

My education has been a huge blessing in giving me perspectives of both design and development. It's my firm belief that the two must go hand-in-hand; if either is pursued in isolation, the final product will not reach its full potential. That, and I just personally love the process of carefully crafting a design and seeing it through development.

In my downtime, I enjoy playing music on the piano and I dabble in some online gaming as well. Outside of work, I like to take advantage of any free time I have to explore, whether to try new food, tackle scenic hikes, meet new people, or go on exciting adventures. Feel free to reach out so we can get to know each other better! My contact info is in my resume and my social links are in the footer.